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Occvlt Rock from Paris,France./


Aluk Todolo, is an instrumental power trio formed in 2004, and performs Occult Rock,
a methodical exploration of the powers of musical trance.
Part occult black metal fiend and part snide kraut menace, the band conjures rabid obsessive rhythms and abyssal disharmonic guitars, subliminal spiritualist vibrations and bizarre, magick summo-nings. Aluk Todolo reduces psychedelic improvisation to a bare, telluric instrumentation, in which dry, spare percussion grievously mines the scrapes, shrieks and shimmer of mutated guitar and bass.The band’s sound is monolithic and stabbing, hypnotic but unpredictable, minimalist yet teeming: A dangerous, noxious coil of all things black.

Band Members:
Shantidas Riedacker : Guitar //Antoine Hadjioannou : Drums //Matthieu Canaguier : Bass


    Aluk Todolo c/o Riedacker - 2 rue Botzaris - 75019 Paris - France



    On the powers of the sphinx
    CD-LP february 2010
     4 way split with
    Nightbringer, Nihil Nocturne, Saturnalia Temple
    released by Ajna records - USA
    (Deathspell Omega, Bobby Beausoleil…)

    CD 2009 (LP may 2010)
    released by Utech records  - USA
    This album is a part of a fine art serie illustrated by
    the painter Stephen Kasner (worked for Sunn o))),
    Khlyst, Darsombra...) Other bands of the URSK serie:
    Skullflower, Heavensore, Runhild Gammelsaeter, The
    Stargazer’s Assistant , Klangmutationen , RST, Final

    LP byPublic Guilt. 

    CD-LP 2007
    released by Public Guilt records - USA on CD
    (The Psychic Paramount, Dalek, Zu, Darsombra...)
    and Riot Season records - UK on LP
    (Acid Mothers Temple, The Skull Defekts, Shit and Shine...)

    Aluk todolo
    7ep vinyl 2006 
    released by Implied Sound records - USA


    2004-04-03 Grenoble, France –Crocoleus : w/Into The Yaya, Breaker of Civilisation & Michell Sardou
    2004-05-05 Grenoble, France – Ecole d’architecture
    2004-05-28 Grenoble, France – Crocoleus : w/ Zool Arben & Moon Sheep
    2004-06-21 Grenoble, France – Rue des Clercs
    2005-07-10 Grenoble, France – La Boum w/ Lucio Fulci films
    2007-08-03 Paris, France – La Miroiterie, live collaboration w/Andy Bolus (Evil Moisture)
    2007-09-21 Paris, France – Point Ephémère w/ Träd Gräs Och Stenar & Psychic Ills
    2008-05-08 Utrecht, The Netherlands – Impakt festival w/ Magic Markers
    2008-05-17 Barreiro, Portugal – Out.Fest w/ David Maranha, Chris Corsano, Mike Flower...
    2008-09-19 Bruxelles, Belgium – Le Bunker w/ Silvester Anfang
    2009-05-23 Le Mans, France – Péniche Excelsior with Monno
    2009-05-30 Rotterdam, The Netherlands – Worm w/ The Psychic Paramount
    2009-09-04 Paris, France – le Pixi (Bagnolet) w/ Habsyll
    2009-09-05 Nancy, France – L’alhambra w/ Givdøl & Habsyll
    2009-09-20 Tilburg, The Netherlands – Little Devil - Incubate ZXZW festival
    2009-09-27 Brooklyn, USA – Secret Project Robot Basement w/ Baron von Wüste & White Hills
    2009-09-28 Philadelphia, USA – Danger Danger Gallery w/ Lussuria
    2009-09-29 Richmond, USA – God’s House w/ Lussuria
    2009-09-30 Baltimore, USA – The Golden West Café w/ Lussuria & Darsombra
    2009-10-01 Brooklyn, USA – Music Hall of Williamsburg (WFMU Festival) w/ Cold Cave & Faust
    2009-10-02 New York, USA – Fortune Cookie Cabaret with Lussuria, Sentient & Radiation Blackbody
    2009-10-03 New York, USA – Lit Lounge w/ The Psychic Paramount
    2009-10-04 Brooklyn, USA – Union Pool w/ Castevet, Woe & Malkuth
    2009-10-22 Paris, France – Point Ephémère w/ Lawrence Wasser & Sister Iodine
    2010-05-12 Genève, Switzerland - La Cave 12
    2010-05-13 Grenoble, France - Le Champollion
    2010-05-14 Lyon, France - Grand Guignol
    2010-05-15 Marseille, France - L’embobineuse w/ Mein Sohn William & Kill The Thrill
    2010-05-16 Barcelona, Spain - La Fonteta Civic Center (Sant Feliu de Codines) w/ QA’A
    2010-05-17 Alicante, Spain - Bar Coyote
    2010-05-18 Madrid, Spain - La Boite Live w/ Scumearth vs Dorje & Under Vultures
    2010-05-19 Porto, Portugal - Fábrica de Som w/ Eugène Robinson
    2010-05-20 Braga, Portugal - Insólito w/ Altodêpega
    2010-05-21 Gijon, Spain - Savoy Club
    2010-05-22 San Sebastian, Spain - Mogambo w/ Las Sfintters, Los Sfinters & Los Taikonauts
    2010-05-23 Bordeaux, France - Hold’em Saloon w/ Tormenta
    2010-05-24 Le Mans, France - La Péniche Excelsior (Allonnes) w/Saunterer, Vegemite & Carnalisme


    Aluk Todolo : Finsternis
    “[...]considering they're a three piece, a power trio, drums, guitar, bass. Nothing else, no synths, no strings,just the basic rock band instruments. It's testament to the power these three wield, that they can do so much with so little. 

    Or more accurately, so little with so little. As the music of Aluk Todolo,
    is disarmingly simple,subtle and minimal, but in its minimalism, lies its power. 
    The power of rhythm, of texture, of mood, these five long pieces are so evocative, so expressive and strangely emotional. Even at its most spare and skeletal,
    the sound is palpable, almost a physical presence, which is surprising again considering just how stripped down Finsternis actually is. […] like Descension, Finsternis is an intense and emotional journey through sound, a haunting and hard to describe exploration of rhythm, mood and texture, a slow shifting otherworld
    defined by This Heat, Geronimo, Laddio Bolocko, Can, Faust, accessible only via the three shadowy figures that make up Aluk Todolo, whose magic and mystery has been rendered in these glorious black rhythms.
    Housed in a multi panel jacket with super striking original artwork by Stephen Kasner, on the always impressive Utech label. [...]”-Aquarius Records (Record of the Week: June 5th, 2009) 

    “Somehow managing to simultaneously cover krautrock, black metal, noise, and post-rock, this trio's second full length album is somewhat of a departure from the largely drone oriented URSK series on Utech, yet keeps enough of that ethos and ambience to not seem out of place, but stands out as a more metallic shard amidst the warm murkiness. […] While the black metal scene is thought of as being entrenched in its preference for flat percussion and simple musical structures that always take a backseat to an illegible logo or incantations to various demons and deities, here the best elements of it (dissonant, yet somewhat musical noise) are married to a sharp rhythm section that feels so much more than just frustrated Norwegian teenagers with a four track. It’s a complex combination that can be studied as well as headbanged to. ”-Brainwashed 

    Aluk Todolo : Descension 

    “On Descension, the principal ideas behind Black Metal are unbalanced and virtually reinvented. The usual Burzum-style guitar buzz crumples and implodes, the monolithic drumming becomes a grinding Krautrock churn, and the snarled vocals are ditched completely in favour of a treated tape loop. Ignoring the rigid stereotype that still taints the genre, Aluk Todolo walk a crooked creative path where composition and improvisation become rituals."-The Wire 

    “For their playing unites Krautrock with Zeuhl via classic No Wave, and rocks mightily. This power trio’s time-honoured guitar/bass/drums line-up is outstandingly meditative and un-clichéd. Very Cleveland, very Can, very This Heat, very Magma, but very much its own original thing, and definitely another necessary
    part of the puzzle that leads us to the Rue d’Awakening."-Julian Cope/Head Heritage 

    “ Having Aluk Todolo's Descension in your CD collection is like having to choose between the proverbial red pill and a load of blue pills. Take the blue pill (or: any other CD) and you're back in safe territory. But, let the damned curiosity prevail, go on, choose the red one that's been beckoning you and tickling your
    imagination — and face the consequences. You'll need strong constitution and considerable mental stability, but even then, who knows where or in what state you'll end up. There'll be some damage to your system; but the stronger you are, the smaller the amount of it will be."-Maelstrom

    “ Descension is Aluk Todolo debut full length after a highly praised 7 inch and what a debut this is. For 37 minutes you tumbled through, get hypnotised and brutalised by this nightmarish, lo-fi , head-ripping and psychedelic black mind fuck. Taking in elements of black metal, krautrock, locked grooves, noise and black/ ritual psychedelics to summon up something that is truly of their own diabolic making- this feels like it could have been made by blood thirsty satanic hippies that have just crawled from a suffocating dark forest to play in front of you & scary the hell out of you. The music engulfs you in it's looped, smogy and sometimes seething presence, as the drums pound on and on as if played of human skin drums, bass and guitar get
    smudged, melted and smeared into each other. Like dark tripped out globules of sound that fall like strange enchanted entrails slipping from a vast black structure that stretches off over a blood red and black horizon as far as your eyes can see. This Apocalyptic ritual music for the end times, screw-up, nasty and bitter yet
    inviting and hypnotic. One hell of a musical death-trip into the beating black heart of this three piece. Truly music that threatens to swallow you all up leaving you in a limbo of Lovecafts around just your drums, bass and guitar sounding this strange, different and hellish. "-Music Machine 

    Aluk Todolo : first 7"ep 

    “ Holy fuck, this record is amazing! Ominous krautrock rhythms over Einsterzende style industrial clatter, some lost seventies psych rock holy grail channeled through modern post rock. Dreamy and dark and mesmerizing. Hypnotic guitar lines and simple shuffling rhythms that build into clattery propulsive jams, all clanging angular riffs and dense tangled drumming. VERY This Heat like, and reminiscent of the late great Laddio Bolocko. Some sort of dangerous and mysterious postrock / krautrock hybrid, lo-fi but thick and dense and amazingly heavy."-Aquarius Records

    "...two raging strung-out dark untitled instrumentals come across like a Wodenist ‘Komakino’-period Joy Division." -Julian Cope/Head Heritage

    "This is one of the best advances in rock rock rock to come along in years, and it's in keeping with philosopher Anton LaVey's advice to not offer advice until someone asks for it."–Signal to Noise 

    "What they conjure up on their debut single is neither generic nor even easy to place inside known space/time continuums."–The Wire 

    "This is brilliant stuff, and the only flaw here is that there's not anywhere near enough of it."–Dead Angel 

    "If all of those proggy jam bands with occult themes from the '70's were actually listenable and good, you would get Aluk Todolo."-The Ajna Offensive


    On tour April 2011 with Menace Ruine (Canada)
    Northern Europe :  France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden,
    Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, UK...


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