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Rock, Avant-Garde, Improvisation, Psychedelia From Treviso,Italia/

Music from the third eye
It is said that all empires are built upon the ruins of previous empires. It is said that destruction breeds construction.
In times of deadlocked aesthetics and stylistic stagnation the time is nigh for a destruction of the old and the construction of the new. 
From the rubble of a post-post modern world, Apollo is rising and he is accompanied by a tribe of psychedelic wasteland fellaheen – Squadra Omega.
The winds are shifting, the fog is lifting and a new age is a-coming.
Spaceage -Cubist-Free-Jazz clashes with Pygmy-Percussion-NoWave-Krautrock  - causing a sonic fusion leading to a complete derangement of the senses, an assault on the frontal lobe and permanent hallucinations – this is music from the third eye.

Warning: Suitable only for sonic adventurers who dare to explore the darkness of the forest and the mystery of the deep blue sea.

(M.A. Littler, November 2010)

Clinical Archives

2009 “Rennes Le Chateau” mp3 free download - Vuoto Netlabel
2009 “Tenebroso” mp3 free download - Clinical Archives Netlabel
2009 “Tenebroso” 12” one sided - Holidays Records
2010 “Live at Outside Inside” 12” one sided - Xhol Recordings
2010 “Squadra Omega s/t" 12" + one sided 7" - Holidays Records 


-12" ONE SIDED limited 110 copies on XHOL recordings

Recorded live at OutsideInside studio , 23 sep 2008 evening, mixed during last days of 2008

OmegaMac: drums, bzzbzz machine
OmegaMatt: guitars, saxophone
OmegaG8: bass , synthesizer


-FREE DOWNLOAD version on the russian netlabel Clinical Archives.

A night of sounds played together by Omega Kaanan (the Intelligence) ,
OmegaNene (Movie Star Junkies, Vermillion Sands), OmegaMatt (the
Mojomatics), OmegaG8 (With Love), OmegaMac (Apoteosi del Mistero)

Session recorded with an 8 track cassette recorder at OutsideInside Studio
during a joyfull night in May 2008.

OmegaKaanan: drums
OmegaMatt: sax
OmegaMac: bzz bZz machine
OmegaNene: bass
OmegaG8: guitar

No fear of the future, no fear of the past


-FREE DOWNLOAD on Vuoto Netlabel.

Session recorded with an 8 track cassette recorder at Outside Inside Studio during the spring of year 2008 .

OmegaMac: drums, bzzbzz machine
OmegaMatt: guitars, saxophone
OmegaG8: bass , synthesizer

Squadra Omega - two albums
Genre: Rock, Avant-Garde, Improvisation, Psychedelia

Squadra Omega is an Italian psychedelic free-form jam band that knows how to bend your ears. From the first onslaught of sax, guitars and drums on Tenebroso I was spellbound. The 20 minute single track album was recorded in one live take with an intensity that few artists can keep going for that duration. This is a free improvisation spree complete with all the mistakes and risks that make this form of live art so…well…alive. The tracks starts in full throttle and continues with an almost shamanic dedication, a full volume free jazz chant. It is The Grateful Dead, Sun Ra and Coltrane all rolled together in one night of all joy and dread abandoned. If you haven’t guessed, I love this album. This is some of the best free improvisation you will find in avant jazz and rock. This gem of a live session is brought to you by The Clinical Archives net label and is available in 320kbps MP3 format.

Rennes Le Chateau from the Vuoto net label didn’t send me waxing poetically like the former album did but it did verify my first perception that Squadra Omega is an unique and exceptional ensemble of musicians. Like Tenebroso It is a 20 minute long free-form jam that keeps your interest throughout. There’s a lot of 70s jam rock influence in this album but I find the way these artists interact and mix their influences together totally 21st century. There are traces of The Dead, electronic sampling, mid-east tonalities, free jazz, and even the ghost of Link Wray’s guitar in this jam and all of it makes sense in some musically chaotic definition of normality. I’m hooked on this band. Rennes Le Chateau is available in 320kbps MP3.

  SQUADRA OMEGA 7" (Recto/Verso):

s/t - 12"+7"
Holidays Records November 20th 2010

After two one sided 12" vinyls (Tenebroso on Holidays records and Live at Outside Inside on Xhol) out now on Holidays Records the first SQUADRA OMEGA full lenght album.
As they are used to, the Squadra Omega meet at their analog base Outside Inside studio, and this time they really had a lot to experiment with even more than on their previous releases.
The opened line-up change on every track, from the first "Murder in the Mountains" to the last "All the words you can find" placed on the one sided silkscreened 7" attached to the LP.
The esotheric/egyptian/Sun Ra artwork (made by OmegaMatt)  leads you through the dark, psychedelic, free and sacrifical blood soaked mood that permeate the whole album. The opening 16 minutes "Murder in the Mountains" is a gloomy journey through the black woods where a omicide was commit (as the OmegaMud spoken poem explains), between tape loops, rotating bass, martial saxophones and analog synths layers. The B side starts with "The Mistery of the Deep Blue Sea", a martial march that explores the wirdness and the eeriness of the ocean abyss using delayed drums rolls, reverse guitars and worrying words.
The Next "Hemen! Hetan! Hemen! Hetan!" is a double drums and saxophones mayhem, exothic, groovy and totally free! Last "Ermete" starts with consequential synths layers before it exploads on a "Sabbath meets the Wire" song.
Think about a dark version of Can and '70es kraut rock, a Sun Ra and free jazz played with punk attitude and a esotheric infected punk wave mood.

SQUADRA OMEGA-LP (recto/Verso):



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