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Heavy Psychedelic Hardrockin Blues Freaks from The Hague,Holland/

Orange Sunshine: catching the very soul of the motor-blues garage-punk and acid proto-hardrock era of the late '60's and the early 70's? With band members derived from several Dutch '80's and '90's hardcore, garage-, doom-, acid-, surf-, noise-, punk- and hard-rock bands (such as Top Gear, Panty Boy, Twin Earth, Shorttime, the White Trash Minstrels and Sunwheel from the metro area of The Hague/Den Haag and Cromlech from Arnhem, check out www.motorwolf.coml for more information), Orange Sunshine started in a squat in The Hague early 1999 as a traditional 3-piece power blues band playing a mix of blues covers and originals in a very explosive way, in the very same intense way and with the very same raw sound and the very same high volume as the much inspiring power blues bands BLUE CHEER, MC5 and STACKWADDY once did in the late '60's, rendering, or should we say screaming out, the same pain, the same drugs (LSD, amphetamines, opiates), the same tension and the same soul.

Many shows followed, in many squats and bars, parties and youth centres, regular venues and main concert halls, in the Netherlands and abroad

Band Members:
  • Arthur van Berkel (Guitar)
  • Mehdi Rouchiche (Bass)
  • Guy Tavares (Drums/Vocals)


Motorwolf Records/Leafhound.


"La Brea Mastodont/ Leviathan/ Black Out"
(Swamproom records)
Release date: 2004
format: 7" vinyl

- La Brea Mastodont
- Leviathan
- Black Out
"Love=Acid, Space=Hell"
(Motorwolf records 015)
Release date: 1971/2003
format: vinyl/ CD
- Lonely Child
- No Time to Waste
- I'm a Man
- Ain't no Way
- H-Theme
- Wham Bam...
- Population III
- Hey Mama

 "Homo Erectus"
(Motorwolf / Leafhound)
Release date: 1969/2005
format: cd (Japan only)

- Hush Hush
- Catfish
- Magic Ship
- Luv Me
- Girl, you...
- Free

"Homo Erectus"
(Motorwolf records)
Release date: 1969/2001
format: vinyl
- Hush Hush
- Catfish
- Magic Ship
- Luv Me
- Girl, you...
- Free

(Motorwolf records)
Release date: 2001
format: CD

- Hush Hush
- Sunshine of your Love
- Catfish
- Demon Eyes

"Bad Acid"
Release date: 2007
format: 12" vinyl

- Universal Soundtrack featuring
songs by Orange Sunshine.

 "Bullseye of being" (Motorwolf/Leafhound)
Release date: 2006
format: 12" vinyl

Rulers of the universe (Sample)
- Speed
- Sunshine of your Love
- Demonize
Balls Knockin

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