vendredi 5 novembre 2010


Magicomelodic, philosymphonic progressive urfolk doom from Wisconsin/

Our beloved Janus-headed ur-folk brethren of thee Midwest, Kinit Her have been releasing dense and gorgeous music since 2006. One of their founding members has recently retired from music to enjoy family life out in the country, sadly leaving only two close brothers still huddled around the cauldron. In the absence of their musical kin, Kinit Her journeys on, gathering what they find along the path, filling their hearts and sounds with an ever-deepening sorrow gained from their search for real meaning through the tainted veils of the modern world, a sorrow diluted only by the dim glimmering of hope offered by occult insights into what lies behind those veils. Theirs is unique yet accessible songcraft showing the careful influence of Neoclassical and Early musics. Sounding organic tone-mantras from shofar horns, bending sweetened notes on beaten twelve-string guitars, intoning a harmonized enumeration of spells and dreams, backed by weeping string and brass arrangements with lush acoustic ephemera twinkling on the peripherals of everything, twisting arcane runes into the cyber sigils of tomorrow, with their smoldering mysticism filling the spaces in between each sound, this soft duo have become hard, turning the world upside down and following the lessons of modernity to find their birthrights in the spirit of the god-fearing troubadours of old.


Brave Mysteries,Living Tapes,Hinterzimmer rcds,
Aurora Borealis,Okkulth records.

Vedic Hymns w/ Burial Hex [2010 | LP| alt.vinyl]
Divine Names [2010 | c30 | Brave Mysteries' Cassette Cabal]
Glyms Or Beame Of Radicall Truthes [2009 | Hinterzimmer Records - CD | Living Tapes - Cassette]
As Magi [2008 | c28 | Living Tapes]
Menial As Archivists & Bone Marrow Artifacts [2007 | c47 | Blossom Rust Tapes]
Bone Marrow Artifacts [2007 | CDr | Self-Released]
Menial As Archivists [2006 | CDr | Self-Released]

Tentaculus [A Tribute To Nautilus | Invisible Eye Productions | 2009]
Fetching The King [Darkmass 2008 | Okkulth Records | 2008]

Betimes Thereafter:
Gratitudes CD [Small Doses] Vedic Hymns w/ Burial Hex CD [Aurora Borealis]
Living Midnight at the Harvest House cs[Young Girls]
Lord of Power 8" lathe-cut [alt.vinyl 2011]
tba LP [RTB Records] tba CD [Lichterklang]




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