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HYPNOS 69 (Be) 
Progressive Psych Rock band from Leuven,Belgium./

Over the past ten years, Hypnos 69 acquired a loyal following wherever they appeared live and one of the band's greatest thrills to date has been the number of venues which immediately request their return and the new fans who instantly fall in love with the band. Their subsequent releases gave them a lot of attention from specialized radio stations and magazines all around the world. Hypnos 69 played hundreds of gigs in Belgium and around, visited some of Europe's finest rock clubs and outdoor & indoor rock festivals including Burg Herzberg Festival (Breitenbach), Roadburn 10th Anniversary (013, Tilburg), Swamp Room Mania (Hannover), Symforce II (013, Tilburg), Crescendo Festival (St Palais sur Mêr), Psychedelic Avengers Festival (Berlin), Stoned from the underground (Erfurt), Sauzipf rocks (Austria). They shared the bill with bands like Motorpsycho, Focus, Hawkwind, Opeth, Brant Bjork and The Bros, Space Ritual, 35007, Dozer, Five Horse Johnson amongst others.The band and musicians were asked to perform with respected musicians as Ed Mundell (Monster Magnet), Alfredo Hernandez (QOTSA, Kyuss, Yawning Man) and Sergio Chotsourian (Los Natas). Guitarist/vocalist Steve Houtmeyers was recently asked to join California jam band Ten East, which includes Gary Arce (Yawning Man, Sort of Quartet) and Greg Ginn (Black Flag).

Hypnos 69 covers a broad territory from Space Jazz, over Prog influenced hard Psych Rock, to more laid back tunes with a spaced out Pink Floyd edge. They are often linked to the stoner-scene, but these four Belgian guys evade that label by embracing so many different forms of music and taking the best aspects of rock over the past 30 years and refine them into a sound of their own, which just never gets boring. "They sound so damn retro, unbelievably melodic and timelessly beautiful". However, Hypnos 69 has not forgotten how to rock. They are extremely gifted musicians with a passion for playing music, who put their soul, their whole being into their performance on stage. When you've visited one of their shows, you'll know they're capable of conjuring up a massive wall of sound whilst keeping a high level of clarity. They manage to appeal to music lovers from different genres, and they always deliver top class rock'n roll.


Steve Houtmeyers: vocals, guitars, theremin
Tom Vanlaer: bass, bariton guitar, Moog Taurus
Steven Marx: saxophone, mellotron, Rhodes, Hammond
Dave Houtmeyers: drums, percussion, glockenspiel  


Elektrohasch Records.


"Legacy" CD/2LP
(June 2010 on Elektrohasch)
contains 7 studio tracks: 
Requiem (for a Dying Creed)
An Aerial Architect
My Journey to the Stars
The Sad Destiny We Lament
The Empty Hourglass
The Great Work 

"The Eclectic Measure" CD/LP 
(October 2006 on Elektrohasch)
I and You and Me (I)
The Eclectic Measure
Forgotten Souls
My Ambiguity of Reality
The Antagonist
Halfway to the Stars
I and You and Me (II)
Ominous (but fooled before)
The Point of no return
Deus Ex Machina 

 10" SPLIT EP with Monkey3
(November 2006 on Rock n' Roll Radio) 
Contains 2 tracks:
Hide Behind the Sun

"Timeline Traveller" CD
(RE RELEASE 2006 on Elektrohasch with different cover!)
contains 5 studio tracks:
Timeline Traveller
N.O. Mustang 
Voodoo Dancer 
A Neverending Enigma (pt I & II) 
Waves on the Wind - LP will be out soon - 

"The Intrigue of Perception" CD/LP
(November 2004 on Elektrohash)
The Endless Void 
Good Sinner - Bad Saint 
Third Nature 
Twisting the Knife:
The Intrigue of Perception: 
I Islands on the Sun 
II The Next Level 
III A Castle in the Sky 
IV Islands (reprise) 
Absent Friends 

"The Forest of Illusion" 
 10" SPLIT EP with Colour Haze
(November 2004 on Elektrohash)
contains 2 studio tracks:

Skating on Thin Ice
When Fire makes you dance

"Promise of a new Moon" CD
(2003 on Rock n' Roll Radio)
The Devil knows my Name 
Burning Ambition 
Cradle Rock 
These are Dreams 
Kaleidoscope Voyager 
Married to the Sea  

 "Timeline Traveller" CD
 (2002 on Rock n' Roll Radio)
 Contains 5 studio tracks:

Timeline Traveller 
N.O. Mustang 
Voodoo Dancer  
A Neverending Enigma (pt I & II)

Waves on the Wind
- sold out - 

  •  "Wherever Time has shared it's trust" 10"EP
    (2000 on Rock n' Roll Radio)
    Contains 3 studio tracks: 
    Where all the Ends unite
    Seen the Sun 
    Nothing more - nothing less 
    - sold out - 




    12 DEC-RANGDA (us) + HOWLIN RAIN (us) + HYPNOS 69 (b) -Trix-Antwerpen-Belgium.
     5 FEV-Het Depot--Leuven-Belgium.


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