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HIGH WOLF (Amazonas)
Pyramidal Meditation from Brasil/

High Wolf uses loops, percussive sounds, fuzzy keyboards and obscure sunken melodies to create a ritual space that combines aspects of exotica, ethno-flux, drone and minimalism while skirting the kinda haunted forests of tone previously the domain of Spencer Clark and James Ferraro." (volcanic tongue)

BAND MEMBERS: Guitar + Synth + Tablas + Voice + Drum Machine + Effects


Winged Sun / Not Not Fun / Moamoo

OUT NOW on Not Not Fun Records : High Wolf "Ascension" LP
Ascension LP 2010 Not Not Fun

Pyramidal meditationist High Wolf has been highly active since last summer’s Animal Totem tape dropped on NNF: he’s released three full-length CDRs, started his own record label (Winged Sun), begun a mail-collab with Astral Social Club (as Iibiis Rooge), embarked on two UK/Euro tours (one with heavyweights Gnod), plus trekked out on a month-long solo journey through India to collect field recordings and get deep. Whoa! Makes you feel lazy right? Well actually that’s not all, as he also spent a few months somewhere in there recording, mixing, and re-recording the five multifaceted ethno-flux odysseys that comprise Ascension, his debut vinyl full-length. Utilizing his usual toolbag of looped tablas, fuzz guitar leads, chiming white light guitar, synth swells, and cloud-climbing electronics, the album safaris through a host of ecstatic ritual landscapes with more focus and magic than any other High Wolf hunt to date. A beautiful album for dissolving, dreaming, dancing (in a certain way). Been spinning this one weekly, share the flight. Black vinyl LPs mastered by Pete Swanson.

When it came out last year from nearly nowhere, High Wolf's 'Incapulco' casted a spell on us so intense that it came immediately obvious this record had to exist on wax. Imagine 'Incapulco' as an unmapped land, a place under mystic light. High Wolf's music transports you there. Fuzzy wah guitars, trancey keyboards, delayed vocals, groovy percussions and jungle spirit! An excellent companion to the 'Ascension' LP that was released on Not Not Fun a couple of months ago. Originally self-released in a cdr edition, the record has been remastered by the mighty Pete Swanson for this vinyl edition and artwork has been completed by our friend César Brun. Pressed on heavy 180g black vinyl. Limited run, no repress. So act fast You can purchase it here :
Shangri L.A Cd's
High Wolf makes music like no one else on the planet. He claims to be from the Amazon and all his activities are shrouded in mystery. Sometimes he is just one man, other times High Wolf is a duo. In either case he conjours mystic tropical clouds of repetition and build that, while complex, are never hard to listen to. The music seems to tap into a primal frequency and demands listeners to dance. A contemporary of James Ferraro (of The Skaters), Oneohtrix Point Never and Ducktails. He has records and tapes out on loads of ultra hip labels like Not Not Fun (the people who put out records by Sun Araw, Magic Lantern, Pocahaunted), Krayon, his own Winged Sun. Also he's known as the new superastral duo team IIbiis Rooge with the seminal talents of Mr. Neil Campbell, better known these days as Astral Social Club and (ex-)member of Vibracathedral Orchestra. The new album Shangri L.A features the edited tracks from acclaimed cassette "Gabon" on Winged Sun Records and 3 exclusive new tracks recorded during the spring of 2010. These tracks has been remastered by the Japanese famous engineer Soichiro Nakamura (Guitar Wolf, Boris, Yura Yura Teikoku...). The album showed High Wolf looking at Africa from his native Amazonia...What's the difference between Amazonian and African jungles? When we live in the wild, with percussions and tribal singing, we're all the same... Stay tuned for much more High Wolf, including a split 12" with Forest Swords on Brooklyn label Group Tightener (Best Coast, Alex Bleeker etc) and forthcoming shows. Japan tour (w/ Topping Bottoms ) scheduled for September 2010 and a limited LP will be pressed for this tour.
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WSR10 High Wolf / Annapurna Illusion - Soul Division split tape - c30
The two faces of Winged Sun brought together for the very first time. Both are psychedelical music entities with esthetic specificities, white against black, sun versus moon...But sometimes eclipse happens and then everything is mixed. High Wolf and his evil twin Annapurna Illusion are sharing this tape before the releasing of several vinyl Lp's for each project on different lands which should make them less present on the tape format. 6.00 EUROS SHIPPING PRICE INCLUDED

More new stuff here :
 (High Wolf + Astral Social Club) LP (Dekorder 2010)
Iibiis Rooge LP, Dekorder 2010
Iibiis Rooge is the new superastral duo team bringing together the mysterious High Wolf (Not Not Fun Records, Winged Sun) with the seminal talents of Mr. Neil Campbell, better known these days as Astral Social Club (Fat Cat, VHF, Qbico, Important, Textile, Bottrop-Boy and countless other labels around the globe) and (ex-) member of Vibracathedral Orchestra, A-Band, and other obscure/legendary outfits.
The new self-titled LP is the debut album of the band (don’t call it "project") combining modern psychedelic High Wolf jams with the fucked up yet refined electronics and techno-infused beat choppery of the Astral Social Club – the result being a lot more then you might have expected from the two, transcending their combined talents into a multicoloured supernova. The strength of the album is an unexpected pop sensibility and airiness, while still being tighter and more consolidated than their regular solo outfits. Even the noisier elements are embedded in loose song structures with a carnivalesque air dominating the whole atmosphere.
While the duo’s solo outings are often camouflaging any melodies in oodles of electronic noises or lo-fi psych jams and hiss this is a fairly different affair with simple melodic textures always dominating the four tracks. The defibration of structures is still apparent but the music is constantly pulling itself together again. Where the Astral Social Club is sometimes willingly losing himself in electronic soundscapes and the High Wolf’s short & sketchy songs are rarely fully formulated by nature, all the positive aspects of their respective works are combined and complemented in Iibiis Rooge.

Supermodern Temple c28 Krayon Recordings 2009
Seriously high-level, horizontal Sun-traveller vibes on these sides from the French hero of plantain based smoke-magic. Whale visions of the future-now seen via wound up wind chime ellipses and air bubble hypnosis. Gradual, ecstatic plateaus of inter-special communication around dawning, jungle-island horizon keyboards and euphoric ocean-floor dance-party trance-outs. Loops of shore-dwelling guitar and hand percussion rituals usher in ancient, paradise island phazer goddesses, wordless conversations and electronic transmissions between the beached tribesmen and the spirits of the spheres, bouncing universal mind-rays off shiny, green dolphin fins. Art by Jason Kerley, pro dubbed cassettes.

Incapulco Cd-r
New Cdr only release. Random jams recorded after those releases you enjoyed (animal totem on Not Not Fun / gabon on Winged Sun / digital heaven on Stunned) . Expect some fuzzy wah guitars, trancey keyboards, delayed vocals, groovy percussions and jungle spirit! Artwork by Skyler Hitchcox


Superastral team, iibiis rooge is the proof that the famous 1+1=3 equation is correct. Modern psychedelic High Wolf jams + Astral Social Club fucked up improv electronics = something we don't have a name for. Better than a one shot collab this duo is made to last. Forthcoming debut LP on Dekorder.

HIGH WOLF "Animal Totem" C35 (Not Not Fun 2009)

For some random reason unexpected pleasures are superior to the expected variety, at least 9 times outta 10. And so it was when we happened upon the dizzy/fizzy music of French loop enthusiast High Wolf for the first time, regarding whom we had zero preconceived notions. (The wolfy band name seemed suspect – there was such a deluge of ‘em back in 2003-ish we all got sick – but beyond that it was pure unknown). Cheers to open minds/ears then, cause the High Wolf audio worldview is weird and wobbly and one that should appeal to all lovers of tripped out, swelter-zone equatorial electronics. Animal Totem is High Wolf’s debut release, and it piles wavy, tranced keyboard melodies one on top of the other into a pulsing ritual heap of colored smoke. Elsewhere he slips in sunset fuzz-guitar lines and temple meditation tones and even dangles down some flanger-flecked synthetic percussion like a bunch of mellow yellow bananas. Take a look up/down/all-around. Overall it’s a rich, ripe rumble in the escapist-psych jungle. Future trips are booked on Long Beach drone/craft emporium Stunned Records, keep an eye open. Pro-dubbed cassettes in cases with full-color animal-collage artwork by Amanda. Hand-numbered edition of 100.

High Wolf "Gabon" c30 (Winged Sun 2009)

Gabon c30 Winged Sun Records WS02 Following debut tape released on Not Not Fun records, this cassette shows High Wolf looking at Africa from his native Amazonia...What's the difference between Amazonian and African jungles? When we live in the wild, with percussions and tribal singing, we're all the same...
OUT OF STOCK check Tomentosa, Volcanic Tongue, Discriminate music, Eclipse records

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